Hemp Cloth

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The Hemp Cloth is the right cloth to place on your sofa, or on your bed. Since it's made of "La Canapa" (our premium hemp), it's great to be used in all seasons, the hemp is very insulating and can keep you warm during winter, while keeping you fresh during spring and fall.

This product is made of 100% La Canapa, our premium hemp which requested one year of development and started from hemp skeins found from our grandmothers and preserved for three centuries. Comparing to other hemp textiles, our La Canapa is softer, more beautiful, durable and spinned in Italy.

Hemp disappeared in the 1930s because of the competition of oil. It never disappeared for its quality, in fact, Hemp has infinite advantages: its more durable, it's antibacterial, it's more ecologic (requests less water and no pesticides), and it's very insulating, so it keeps your body temperature.