How do we define quality?

Quality is expensive.

In a time when companies attempt to reduce their costs, even at the expenses of workers and quality of materials, Opera Campi decides to not compromise its work. Our products are compromise-free: the result of a rigorous research, innovation and tradition path.


Everything derives from the raw material. We study and create new natural sources for our products, striving to use recycled or regenerated fibers. This reduces water consumption; eliminates chemical substances and pesticides; help us to develop a “cradle to cradle” industrial system where we preserve natural ecosystems.


From our proprietary HEROTEX fabric to our e-commerce technologies, we have much to show you. We do that with a sustained investment process, looking forward to a brighter future in which humans and nature will be in reciprocal harmony again.


We select our suppliers carefully. Their efforts are crucial to realise an extraordinary final Opera. From experienced weavers, to industrial spinners, we are always in search of trustworthy partners, in order to maintain and improve our quality standards. We pay our suppliers on the delivery day: against the corporate common practices which tend to delay every payment the most.


Our lands drives our inspiration. Italy, the place of the manufacture where all our artisans and tailors craft the Operas


Observe how we devote our attention to the details. From the trousers button, to the zipper, everything makes our products durable and high-quality. Every detail is designed by the Italian artisans, who can customize it for you, increasing the beauty and value of the final product.


Our relationship with customers is the cherry on the pie, the peak of our attentions.

We want you to have a worry-free experience when buying on our website. This is why we have a free-return policy that is applicable to almost all of our customers. We always answer to you at Discover every other service that we offer to you on our website.  


We are innovators in the way products are distributed.

We have built an automatic assistant for helping you with your size. Moreover, every product is presented to you with sharp images, videos, descriptions, and customer reviews. A smart algorithm calculates a precise delivery date for you.


We are unique in our all-encompassing tailor-made offer. From scarves to jackets, you can always choose the tailor-made option. The service is fast and easy: fill the measurement guide and you are ready to go.


Nature gives us, and we give back to nature.

At this point it should be familiar to you: from raw materials to suppliers, everything we do is backed by a strong communitarian and ethical value.  Our effort to make the world a better place made us help the Leonardo di Caprio Fundation, the Grumeti fund, the Rainforest Alliance and the Italian COVID-19 emergency association.

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